The Gorilla Frames Principle

At Gorilla Frames we are driven in our understanding of the science involved in preservation. While others consider framing to be "four sticks, glass, and some cardboard", we concern ourselves with the science of what causes deterioration, aging, fading, and what keeps a priceless artifact — your piece — preserved. To us framing is more than aesthetics; it is a balance between beauty and the superfluous, science and cost, and protection for an item that in most cases has more than just monetary value. We call this "Intelligent Framing".

As a collector, I kept being disappointed by framers. They may have been fine at generic framing but they had little or no knowledge in framing historical manuscripts, collectibles, or similar works on paper. I simply wanted a frame that would preserve my collectibles. Since I couldn't find anyone to do it correctly, I decided to do it myself.

— Rick Badwey, Co-founder Gorilla Frames

We go back to this idea in everything we do as a brand, a company, and users of our own products. It is what guides us and it is the reason why so many individuals, institutions, museums, and agencies around the world have trusted our founder — for over 28 years with their priceless documents, photographs, maps, and artwork.


Gorilla Frames are simple and honest. They strike a graceful balance where form follows function — produced with long lasting materials that prioritize preservation as function, all without detracting from the beauty of the system which they comprise.


By utilizing superior source materials, we create framing products that last longer, perform better, and do so consistently and continually. We take the time to source the best possible materials from companies that adhere to strict ethical and environmental standards. Our quality is identical to what you would get if you walked into an institution such as the Smithsonian, National Archives, or U.S. Embassy.


Our frames are beautiful because they do not attempt to surpass their function. Rather, Gorilla Frames accentuate and emphasize the beauty of what they safeguard — your artwork.


Sometimes simple is better. In building a Gorilla Frame, with the exception of our glazing, we use simple materials: solid wood mouldings, 100% pure cotton mats, and no mounting adhesives. This helps to create a clear channel of communication and yields a product that does, simply, what it is intended to do.


In the framing world what you see or hear isn't always what you get. We take great efforts to show you in meticulous detail everything that goes into your frame. We attempt to explain, in the most clear and concise way possible what it is you are paying for, what our frames will do for you, and why preservation is important in certain framing applications.


Framers and framing companies thrive on confusion, misdirection, and marketing hype. At Gorilla Frames you get what you pay for, we spell out everything that we use, why we use it, and why it works. We could bump up the price but we believe that a fair, honest price is what we should sell our frames for.